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      HP - CARD LAN

    HP NC375T PCI Express Quad Port Gigabit Server Adapter

    HP NC375T PCI Express Quad Port Gigabit Server Adapter

    Giá: 6,700,000 đ

    (Giá chưa bao gồm thuế VAT 10%)

      Mã sản phẩm: 538696-B21
    • Hãng sản xuất : HP
    • Bảo hành : 12 THÁNG
    • Tình trạng: Còn hàng
    • Lượt xem: 1767

    Chọn mua

    Mua hàng

    538696-B21 - HPE StorageWorks NC375T offers four 10/100/1000T Gigabit Ethernet ports on a single card, saving valuable server I/O slots for other purposes.

    The NC375T is a low-profile card with both full height and half height brackets included in the kit and its x4 PCI Express interface is compatible with x4, x8, and x16 PCI slots.



    Option number

    · 538696-B2


    · NetXen/Qlogic NX3031


    · Theoretical throughput of 10 Gb/s each direction

    · Total aggregate throughput of 4 Gb/s

    Jumbo frames

    · Jumbo frames (Extended frames) permit a 9K byte transmission unit (MTU)

    · Automatic speed negotiation capability, which allows backward compatibility with 1Gb Host Bus Adapters (HBAs)

    Transfer rates

    · 10/100/1000 Mb/s

    802.1Q VLANs with 802.1p QoS Tagging

    · IEEE 802.1Q Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) protocol allows each physical port of the NC375T to be separated into multiple virtual Network Interface Cards (NICs) for added network segmentation and enhanced security and performance

    · VLANs increase security by isolating traffic between users. Limiting the broadcast traffic to within the same VLAN domain also improves performance. IEEE Quality of Service (QoS) 802.1p tagging allows the adapter to mark or tag frames with a priority level across a QoS-aware network for improved traffic flow

    Dual address cycles

    · Dual Address Cycles (DAC) provide the ability to address memory above 4GB and improve system performance by preventing the server operating system from performing a buffer copy from below 4GB to above 4GB

    Supported Operating System (OS)

    · Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32/64), Enterprise, SBS, Web, Embedded, and R2

    · Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008

    · Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and R2 SP2

    · Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Web Edition

    · Microsoft certified miniport and teaming drivers

    · Microsoft Windows 2003 Standard (32 and x64)

    · Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise (32 and x64)

    · RH4 x86

    · RH4 AMD 64 & EM 64T

    · RH5 x86

    · RH5 AMD 64 & EM 64T

    · SLES10: x86 and AMD 64 & EM 64T

    · SLES 11: x86 and AMD 64 & EM64T

    · Solaris 10, 11

    · VMWare ESX 3.5.0 U5 & ESX 4.0 U1

    · Citrix

    · HyperV (Windows 2008 32 and 64)

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